Upland Sheep Scheme Payments Welcomed

NFU Scotland has welcomed the news that payments to hill farmers and crofters under the 2022 Scottish Upland Sheep Support Scheme (SUSSS), worth more than £7 million annually, have commenced on schedule.

NFU Scotland understands that in 2022, 1134 farmers and crofters applied with 115,886 animals claimed resulting in a payment rate per head of £61.25.

NFU Scotland LFA Chair Peter Kennedy said: “SUSSS is a vital source of support for more than a thousand hill sheep farmers and crofters and, in a year when every penny counts, they will make the most of this valuable funding stream.  We welcome the delivery of payments on schedule.
“This support is not only important for farmers and crofters producing a fantastic product from some of the toughest farmland, but also to the local communities which see a huge amount of reinvestment from these businesses.
“It underlines the importance of headage schemes and the value they deliver as we start to transition towards new support arrangements for farmers and crofters in the future.
“Sheep farming plays an integral role in the preservation of our natural landscapes and prosperity of our rural communities, as well as making an important contribution to our national economy.”

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