Yates Family Claims Top Award At Scottish Herds Competition

On Wednesday 3rd November The Scottish Holstein Club held its Annual Herds Competition Dinner and Awards Night at The Radstone Hotel, Larkhall. A celebration of all that the club has achieved this year.  

In July the club held its Scottish Herds Competition, judged by Wayne Inman, Witherslack.  Eight herds took part but would have had to wait till now to find out the winners. Taking home the top award was Brian and Michael Yates of The Logan Herd, Castle Douglas for Overall Production and Inspection. They also took first place prizes for Production and Best Animal Exhibitor Bred.

Also competing in the competition was Steven Roan, Boreland of Colvend, Dalbeattie. Unfortunately narrowly missing out on the much sought after whole herd inspection which he won 2 years ago, this year placing 2nd. He did however win the class for lowest cell count and son Andrew Roan won “Best young stock person” for impressing the judge during the competition.


See below for the full competition results.


Class 1: Milk Records and Inspection  

The Errol Trophy & The Bengalhill Trophy 

1st Brian Yates                                  4440

2nd Colin Laird                                  4302

3rd Brian Weatherup                       4240


Class 2: Herds Inspection 

Whole Herd-                                                                                 Pauls Trophy

1st           Brian Weatherup             2000
2nd        Steven Roan                      1980
3rd         Colin Laird                         1960

Group of 10 –                                                                               The Boclair Trophy

1st         Kevin Lawrie
2nd        David Yates


Class 3:                Milk Records Only                                         The CBS Trophy 

1st Brian Yates                                  2640

2nd Colin Laird                                  2342

3rd Brian Weatherup                       2240 


Class 4: Progeny Group                                                             The Aries Trophy 

1st           Colin Laird                         Solomons
2nd          Brian Weatherup             Atwood
3rd          Andrew Wilson                Kingdoc



Class 5:                Heifer Group                                                  The Forrester Trophy 

1st         Brian Weatherup
2nd        Colin Laird
3rd         Steven Roan


Class 6: Best Animal Exhibitor Bred                        The Riddets Trophy 

1st           Brian Yates                                       Eastford diamondback Tabitha 2 ET
2nd        Colin Laird                                         Blythbridge Atwood Primrose

3rd         Alan Kennedy                                   Ettrick ambassador mercury


Class 7: Best Heifer Exhibitor Bred           The Hamish Logan Trophy 

1st         Colin Laird                                         Blythbridge fitz georgina
2nd        Brian Weatherup                             Parkend gold chip rubine
3rd         Steven Roan                                     Colvend doorman sara


Class 8: Best Animal “ Bought In”                            The Russell Trophy 

1st         Andrew Wilson                                Inspired Fitz Molly

2nd        Colin Laird                                         Cramar Cheerful A Cutes ET

3rd         Kevin Lawrie                                    Hydaway Dice Raquel Red


Class 9: Cow Family                                      The Bobbity Trophy                                                                                                                              

1st           Brian Weatherup                            Parkend Atwood Betsy
Parkend Kingboy Betsy
2nd           Andrew Wilson                               Witherslack Mincio Joanne2
Northshields Pharo Joanne
3rd          Brian Yates                                      Logan Doorman Ambrosia 4

Logan Grazie Ambrosia


Class 10: Lowest Cell Count                        The Animax Cup 

1st Steven Roan                105

2nd Brian Yates                  131`

3rd  David Yates                 171


Class 11: Best Newcomer                           The Auchencloigh Trophy 

               Winner : Alan Kennedy, Ettrick. Isle of Bute


“Best Young Stock Person”                                                      S.F.B.C Tray 

Winner : Andrew Roan, Boreland of Colvend.



  Most Points Gained in the Competition – The Glasgow Dairy Show Cup 


1st Colin Laird                                   88 Points

2nd Brian Weatherup                      76 Points

3rd Andrew Wilson                          58 Points


HYB Junior Member of the Year 2021                      The Strathay Trophy 

Winner: Mark Bryson


HYB Senior Member of the Year 2021        The  Tom Gray Ardenlea Trophy 

Winner: Neil Sloan




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