Carriage Drivers From Across UK Take Part in Boreland Sport Driving Event

Carriage drivers from the Scottish Borders, Isle of Skye, Nottinghamshire and Lancashire joined local disabled drivers over the weekend at Chariots of Fire Equestrian Centre’s sports driving competition.  Sixteen drivers took part in a variety of carriage driving activities designed to test their skills with  Gold, Silver, Bronze or Special rosettes waiting to be awarded depending on their final score.


On Saturday sixteen drivers tackled an ‘inclusive-moves’ challenge and a cones course, gaining points for each successful manoeuvre.  Following the day’s competition, all the drivers joined their families, friends and event organisers at an ‘Only Foals & Horses Fete’ and relaxed with food fresh from a BBQ and games including  ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and a coconut shy.

Thomas Smith from Annan driving Loggi with groom Stephie White

The third and final phase was the obstacles (driving as fast as possible through a sequence of lettered gates with higher scores for shorter times) which took place on Sunday.  Unfortunately the last few drivers had to complete their course in driving rain but that didn’t diminish their efforts.



Sarah Gemie from Dumfries driving Strawbs with groom Louise Kaiholm


Once  all the scores were tallied, Sarah Gemie from Dumfries was the only driver to gain a gold rosette.  Silver rosettes were awarded to 7 drivers, bronze rosettes to 5 drivers and specials rosettes to three drivers.



Callum Holden from Dumfries driving Watson with groom Megan Dickinson-Hood

Thanks from all the competitors who enjoyed the exciting weekend to the judges & stewards and to the organisers, Also to Shaw Farm Estate for the use of their fields.


For more information on the disabled driving charity or any other aspects of carriage driving for those with a disability go to:  www.sportsdrivingunlimited.org.uk


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