Dalry Angling Association Announces Start of New Trout Season!

Dalry Angling Association is pleased to announce the start of the new trout fishing season today.

With spring in the air and the wild Brown trout season upon us, the Dalry Angling Association is ready for action and welcomes visitors and residents to come and fish local waters in the Glenkens.

The season runs from the 15th of March until the 6th of October, and as avid anglers ourselves, we are excited to hit the waters and experience the thrill of fishing for these elusive and beautiful fish.

The brown trout season is a highly anticipated time for anglers, as these fish are known for their challenging nature, especially the canny wee brownies! With the start of the season, our members at Dalry Angling Association are gearing up with renewed ambition, freshly tied flies and new techniques to master to ensure a successful and enjoyable fishing season.

At Dalry Angling Association we pride ourselves on promoting responsible angling practices and conservation efforts to protect our natural resources. We encourage all anglers to practice catch-and-release fishing to preserve the population of brown trout for future generations. Our waters are also stocked with rainbow trout and fishing is suitable to anglers of all levels, using fly, spinner or worm.

Whether you are a seasoned angler or new to the sport, we invite you to join us at Dalry Angling Association for a season filled with camaraderie, adventure, and the thrill of the catch, or simply rock up and purchase a day ticket from one of the village shops!

To purchase a day ticket simply pop into Wright’s Shop in St Johns Town of Dalry, or Carsphairn Tearooms in Carsphairn.

To learn more about Dalry Angling Association and how you can become a member, please visit https://dalryangling.co.uk or contact Mark Trueman (Secretary) at [email protected]

Let’s make this brown trout season one to remember and wherever you’re fishing in D&G this season, we wish you tight lines!