Dumfries and Galloway played West of Scotland – Women’s Cricket News

The combined women’s club side between Dumfries and Galloway played West of Scotland at Nunholm in the Women’s Premier League where a quality Scotland U19 opening partnership found the wicket and the bowling to their liking.

Maryan Faisal went on to hit 122 and Nayma Sheikh 76. To their credit the fielding side pulled things back after the drinks break.

Nicola Brown bowled both batters and Emma Fordyce got her wicket, bowled, on the last ball for an unlikely target of 262 for 3.

Macey Corbett-Byers bowled accurately with five overs on her debut and was unlucky not to claim a wicket. In reply, Niamh Muir batted well to top score with 31 for the Ashleigh Building Player of the Match. Sue Strachan also hit 25 as the side put in a good effort to score 121 and nearly batted out to reach their full overs

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