Dumfries and Galloway Schools Gymnastics Competition Results – Sat 23 January

The Dumfries and Galloway Schools Regional Gymnastics Competition was held on Saturday 23 January at the David Keswick Athletics Centre in Dumfries.

Organised by Dumfries and Galloway Council, the competition attracted nearly 300 gymnasts and 77 teams from across the region.

The event included children of all ages from primary and secondary schools. The competition also acts as a qualifying event, with winners and runners up in each level qualifying to take part in the Scottish Schools Finals in Perth on the 20 March.

Organisers congratulated the gymnasts for their display on the day and appreciated the big turnout of spectators who had come along to support the gymnasts.

All the gymnasts performed excellently on the day with the following results: –

Level /Position /Team /and Gymnasts Score



Primary Pre Level 1 Moffat Primary A
Ivanna Davis Grierson, Elfreda Corner
Eilidh Ryder and Neve Beveridge 81.05







Primary Pre Level 2 Newington Primary A
Kayla Nelson, Devon Cook, Lexi Walker
and Morgan Woodman 80.75







Primary Pre Level 3 Gretna Primary D
Danielle Wilson, Alisha Lamont and Lilly Erskine 78.25







Primary Level 1 1 Moffat Primary B
Rhegan Copland, Lottie Corner, Lille Wright
and Skye Beveridge 82.20







Primary Level 1 2 Gretna Primary A
Abbie Callaghan, Charley Emmerson, Kayla Barnes and Rose Shepherd 82.55

Primary Level 1 3 Newington Primary C
Robbie Byers, Charlie Murray, Mathew McFarlane and Olivia Schiller Hughes 82.25


Primary Level 2 1 Newington Primary G
Fraser Court, Leah Carpenter, Lois Mundell
and Caelan Ferguson 91.20



Primary Level 2 2 Moffat Primary E
Morgan Todd, Jessica Ryder, Lorna Minto
and Honey McMinn 91.10


Primary Level 2 3 Newington Primary H
Hope Walker, Lucy Armstrong and Olivia Aitken 88.65


Secondary Level 1 1 Sanquhar Academy
Katie Gallagher, Karrisa Miller and Roisin Pearson 78.00


Secondary Level 1 2 Dalbeattie High B
Saffron Kirkman, Ellie Carson, Tia Wright and Shannon Wyles 77.55


Secondary Level 1 3 Dumfries High School
Holly Holmes, Amy Rafferty, Abbie Turner and Aine Scoley 77.50


Secondary Level 2 1 Annan Academy B
Heather Dalgliesh, Lily Glendinning, Lexi Glendinning and Leah Flett 88.50


Secondary Level 2 2 Lockerbie Academy B
Jai Sandhu, Naimh Kerr, Alicia Pagan and Brooke Matthews 87.00


Secondary Level 2 3 Moffat Academy B
Esme Moores Poole, Catriona Thomson, Sarah Adlen 85.85