Success for Dumfries Y Gymnasts at Dynamic Gymnastics Club Floor and Vault Competition

Over 40 gymnasts from Dumfries Y Gymnastics Club’s Floor and Vault and Development squads travelled to Motherwell last weekend to take part in the Dynamic Gymnastics Club Floor and Vault Competition.

Head Coach, Steven McKinnel, said “The gymnasts have worked extremely hard over the last few months and we were pleased with their performance at the competition.”

Medals and placings:

Girl’s Age 6/7 Beginners:

Eden Farrell & Ellie Povall 3rd = on Vault


Girl’s Age 10/11 Beginners:

Kayla Nelson 1st on Vault, 2nd Overall

Aimee Parker 2nd on Vault

Caitlin Beattie 3rd on Vault, 3rd on Floor

Pagan Mitchell 6th Overall


Girl’s Age 12 Beginners:

Freya Blaikie 2nd on Vault, 3rd on Floor, 4th Overall

Matilda Brockley 3rd on Vault, 6th Overall


Girl’s Age 10/11 Intermediate:

Erin Wilson 3rd on Vault, 5th Overall


Girl’s Age 12+ Intermediate:

Sadie Cropper 4th Overall


Boy’s Beginners Age 8/9:

Boyd Sibbring 2nd Floor, 2nd Vault, 1st Overall

Lewis Divers 1st Vault, 2nd Overall

Bailey Patrick 3rd Vault, 4th Overall


Boy’s Beginners Age 10/11 Years:

Cullen Farrell 1st Floor, 1st Vault, 1st Overall


Girls Age 10/11 Years Team:

Team B – Pagan Mitchell, Aimee Parker, Hannah Simpson, Ami Miller – Silver

Team A – Caitlin Beattie, Morgan Woodman, Kayla Nelson, Lucy Galligan – Bronze


Girls Age 12+ Years Team:

Team A – Freya Blaikie, Matilda Brockley, Charley Emmerson, Leah Jamieson – Gold



Boy’s Beginners Age 8/9 Teams:

Bailey Patrick, Lewis Divers, Boyd Sibbring and Ewan Black – Gold




With now over 320 members, Dumfries Y Gymnastics Club has Competitive, Development and Floor and Vault competitive squads as well as gymnasts in Boys, Recreational, Fun4Baby and Pre-School classes and their GymDance group.


The Club are looking forward to an exciting year ahead with the extension to their premises now underway.

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