Medals Galore for Dumfries Y Gymnasts at City of Glasgow Gymnastics Club Competition

Over 30 gymnasts from Dumfries Y Gymnastics Club’s Floor and Vault and Development squads travelled to Glasgow to take part in the Club’s first competition of 2020. This was the first external competition for many of the gymnasts.

Head Coach, Steven McKinnel, said “We were delighted with the gymnast’s performances and we look to a busy year ahead. Our gymnasts will be representing the Club in around 30 competitions throughout 2020”.


Medals and placings:

Girl’s Age 6/7 Beginners:


Eden Farrell 9th= on Vault, 3rd= on Floor and 5th= Overall

Romey Green 2nd= on Vault

Olivia Rice 9th= on Vault

Alba Marshall 10th on Floor


Girl’s Age 6/7 Beginners Teams:

Team A – Eden Farrell, Alba Marshall, Skye Rosado, Romey Green, Aaliyah Marshall – Bronze


Girl’s Age 8/9 Beginners:

Poppy Hutchinson 1st on Floor and 7th Overall


Boy’s Age 8/9 Beginners:

Lewis Divers 3rd= on Vault, 2nd= on Floor and 3rd Overall


Girl’s Age 10/11 Beginners:

Darah Monaghan 8th= on Vault, 4th= on Floor and 5th Overall

Caitlin Beattie 6th= on Vault


Boy’s Age 10/11 Beginners:

Boyd Sibbring 1st on Vault, 1st on Floor, 1st Overall

Cullen Farrell 3rd on Vault, 2nd on Floor, 2nd Overall

Bailey Patrick 2nd on Vault, 3rd on Floor, 3rd Overall

Evan Wood 6th on Vault, 5th on Floor, 6th Overall


Age 10/11 Beginners Teams:

Team A – Brooke McNab, Darah Monaghan, Eva Maxwell, Hannah Simpson, Caitlin Beattie – Bronze






Girl’s Age 12/13 Beginners:

Lexi Walker 1st on Vault, 2nd Overall

Millie Livingston 4th on Vault, 8th on Floor, 6th Overall

Pagan Mitchell 6th= on Vault

Emma Campbell 6th= on Vault


Age 12/13 Beginners Teams:

Morgan Woodman, Emma Campbell, Lexi Walker, Pagan Mitchell, Millie Livingstone – Gold


Girl’s Age 12/13 Intermediate:

Charley Emmerson 2nd on Vault, 7th Overall

Kayla Nelson 4th on Vault


Girl’s Age 14+ Intermediate:

Sadie Cropper 3rd= Vault, 2nd Floor, 2nd Overall


The Floor and Vault and Development Squads travel to Edinburgh this weekend to compete in the West Lothian Gymnastics Club Valentine Shine Floor and Vault Competition.



With now over 320 members, Dumfries Y Gymnastics Club has Competitive, Development and Floor and Vault competitive squads as well as gymnasts in Boys, Recreational, Fun4Baby and Pre-School classes and their GymDance group.


The Club are looking forward to an exciting year ahead when the extension to their premises will be finished.