Long Trip To Inverness See’s Victory For Sharks U16s

Solway Sharks under 16s took to the road for the last of their recent road-trips, heading off to Inverness to play their counterparts.

The youngsters, sponsored by Oakbank Services, have had a series of long trips away to play recently.  Despite the distance travelled, the young Sharks took only 31 seconds to make their mark, with Lewis Houston solo goal opening the scoring in commanding fashion.  Despite dominating the play Solway let Inverness get a goal back after another 4 minutes of play, evening the score.  The Sharks soon found their rhythm, Scott Rae scoring a fine solo goal from defence on 6 minutes, swiftly followed by Houston seconds later with his own unassisted goal.  Charles Leuvennink was next on the scoresheet, from an Aidan Nicol pass, before Houston sent a pass to Megan Gourlay, who found the net – 5-1 Solway after 10 minutes.  The final goal of the first period went to Solway courtesy of Houston, scoring from Gourlay and Andrew Craik.

Solway continued to be in control of the play in the second, with Leuvennink finding the net from Rae after 2 minutes with a short-handed goal.  A minute later Inverness clawed another back, and the scoring slowed.  There were convincing attempts on Inverness’ goal, but it took till 25 minutes before Solway scored again, Houston finding the net from Joe Little, followed 2 minutes later by Nicol from Matthew Watters.  When Inverness scored in the final minute of the period the score settled at 9-2 to Solway, and Rebekah Scott, who had been kept active in the Solway net, made way for Joshua Leuvennink.

The third period was a lot more even, Solway tending to sit back and let the play come to them.  Gourlay scored the first of the period, from Nicol and Jack Slater, before Inverness sprung to life and scored 2 within 2 minutes, making the score 10-4 to Solway.  Houston claimed 1 back seconds later, assisted by Liam Stenton, but Inverness were now in scoring mood, and were taking advantage of every lapse in Solway concentration to mount attacks on Leuvennink in goal.  Nicol was next with a Solway goal, from Charles Leuvennink and Houston, but Inverness were inspired, and scored another 2 goals within a minute; Solway 12 Inverness 7.  The Sharks had the final word with the final goal, Houston unassisted in the dying seconds of the game making it 13-7.  Scott Rae was man of the match for Solway.

After the game coach Jamie Kerr reflected, “The team went through the opening period doing what they had to do to establish a commanding lead, but then players started taking their foot off the gas for the second and third allowing Inverness to match us.  They have been told that maintaining a consistent level is imperative, as they need to be prepared for their next step to train and play at senior level where no one takes things easy.  There’s nothing wrong with trying new things when you get breathing space, but they got themselves stuck in a rut and gave Inverness the momentum. At least some Inverness goals were created by us forgetting about the basics.   We have a run of tough games and a Scottish Cup semi coming up, and a high level of effort and consistency is key to being as successful, as we know we have the potential to achieve.”

Solway under 16s are in action this Sunday 19 February at Dumfries ice bowl, facing off against Kilmarnock at 11.30am.

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