Malawi Kids Would Get a Real Kick Out of Old Football Kits

It is one of the poorest countries in the world. Tragically many children in Malawi face major health challenges as a direct result of a lack of facilities and equipment to allow them to pursue more active lives.


Importantly, the African country shares Scotland’s love for football – and it is hoped the ‘beautiful game’ can provide a gateway to engage with boys and girls to adopt more healthy lifestyles.


In recent years, individual football fans and some clubs in Scotland have gifted youth clubs and academies in Malawi sportswear and equipment.


Now Finlay Carson is urging local football teams at all levels – including Stranraer, Queen of the South., St Cuthbert Wanderers in Kirkcudbright, Dalbeattie Star in Dalbeattie and Threave Rovers in Castle Douglas to come on board.


He said: “The current football season in Scotland will be coming to a close towards the end of May and it would be wonderful if teams at all levels of Scottish football – from schools, amateur through to professional donated strips that they no longer need.
“Instead of discarding them or stashing them away in an attic or clubhouse and forgetting about them, they could be put to good use in Malawi.
“The same goes for footballs that could bring joy and happiness to scores of young people while helping them become healthier and fitter.
“The idea was brought to my attention by deputy presiding officer Liam McArthur and I delighted to support his campaign as it promises to bring enormous joy and hope to hundreds if not thousands of children and young adults.”


The Scotland Malawi Partnership has already identified appropriately structured youth football clubs and sports academies that could benefit from any donations.


Many of the academies in the north and central regions of the country work with children from the poorest families, including single-parent kids and orphans.


Ideally the partnership is looking for complete sets of football strips, shirts, shorts and socks.


It will also sort and package the strips and arrange shipment to Malawi. In return, it hopes to receive some feedback, hopefully in the form of team photos that will be passed back to the donor clubs.


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