New Programme for College Sports Stars

College Sports Stars

Dumfries and Galloway College has launched a new programme for elite athletes.


The Performance Athlete Education Programme will provide talented young sportspeople with an educational programme designed to fit in with their demanding training and competition schedules.


Queen of the South FC, the Solway Sharks, and Scottish Curling are among the organisations that have contributed to the design of the new programme.


Participating student athletes will have the opportunity to work with established professionals and visit high performance sports facilities across Scotland to develop their skills and techniques.


Performance analysis, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and coping strategies will all feature as part of the well-rounded elite programme.


The Performance Athlete Education Programme will carry on throughout the academic year and aims to provide student athletes with the skills, experience, and insights they need to succeed in a career in professional sports.


Principal Joanna Campbell said:


“Our college has a proud record of contributing to our local community and so we’re delighted to offer this programme to our athletes in the area.
“We are also very pleased to welcome Queen of the South FC, the Soloway Sharks, Scottish Curling, and all of our other partners who have offered their expertise in shaping the design of this initiative.
“The students on the Performance Athlete Education Programme are sure to gain valuable practical skills and experience from all involved.
“Teamwork is vital in both sports and education, and I’m excited to see what the team behind the innovative programme will accomplish.”