Nith River Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club Shines at Scottish Cup of Grappling 2023

On Saturday the 9th of September, Nith River Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club, based in Dumfries,  took to compete in the Scottish Cup of Grappling 2023, in Motherwell. The group was composed of 3 competitors, 5 spectators and two coaches; Karl Hendrick and Blair Miller.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a self-defense martial art and combat sport based on grappling, ground fighting, and submission holds. Preparation took place in the weeks leading up to the event. With extra training sessions, competition simulation and weight cuts to ensure the competitors’ spots at the competition.

This was the three competitors first BJJ competition, with each of them being strong and athletic fighters. All three had entered the two styles of BJJ, GI (the traditional robe) and NOGI (without robe). The matches start at 5 minutes each, and are winnable by accumulation of points scored at the end of the 5 minutes or by submission of the opponent.

Pacey Ho – Second Place

The day started early at 8.30am for weigh-ins, in which all three had been cutting to make their category. First to take to the mats was Nith River‘s Pacey Ho. He was competing in the -61kg Men’s category. Pacey had two fights with a strong and more experienced competitor but that didn’t faze him. In two close fights, Pacey took home two silver medals for the club.

Next up, was the club’s Lukasz Wiczling fighting in the men’s -85kg category.

Lukasz’ section was big, with strong competition. After four well fought ,fierce matches, Lukazs made it to the final and won second place.

lukasz Wiczling – Second PLace

To round out the team, the final Nith River competitor was Beth McKee fighting in the -66kg female category. Beth dominated her fights, with 3 matches and 3 wins by submission of her opponents. She took home two golds for her club.

Coach Karl Hendrick said ‘Well done to all three of our fighters. They worked hard and fought well. A big thank you to everyone from the club who came and supported – they were a key component of the day. Nith River look forward to getting more medals!’.

Pacey Ho said ‘I’m pleased with my performance from Saturday. I know what needs to be stronger and already working on it. It is always good to face far more experienced competition, you learn a lot. Happy to have taken home medals for my club.’

Luckasz Wiczling had to say ‘ I was pleased with my performance at Ravencraig on Saturday. To walk away with a silver medal at my first competition was more than I expected – it gave me a confidence boost for sure. It’s pushed me to train harder and apply myself more in the gym – I look forward to coming back as a stronger competitor’

Beth McKee said ‘I’m so pleased to have won two golds. All the time spent training and my coaches work with me, has paid off. It has been awesome to see how being a CrossFit athlete transfers to BJJ and what it is like to compete in a different sport.

I’m really lucky to have such great coaches like Karl and Blair, who are patient and help me funnel my strength to make me the best fighter I can be.’ Nith River BJJ placed 4 th out of all the clubs attending – an astonishing feat for only having 3 competitors.

Beth McKee – Double Gold – With Coaches Blair Miller (Left) Karl Hendrick (right).

The club trains every Monday (NOGI), Wednesday (GI) at 7pm to 9pm and Saturday open mat 9am to 12pm. They welcome all abilities to come and have a go – first class is free.

If you would like to contact them: Instagram: nithriverbjj

Facebook: Nith River BJJ

Email: [email protected]