Queen Of The South U-14 Girls Compete In Semi Final Of The Cup

QOS U14’s travelled up to the Oriam in Edinburgh to play the semi final of the cup this week.

City started the strongest with pressure on the defence from the start but the back line of Laura( showing the strikers outwide with great composure) Maisie( Driving forward strong and determined) Mollie (reading the game and being in the right place )and Ruby ( pinching the ball at the right moment and not scared to get hurt )matched the runs and the put in some solid tackles keeping City at bay.

Gracie who has only recently become our keeper pulled off great saves , commanded the back and was ensuring the ball was safely in her hand releasing the ball up to Isla who worked endlessly as the lone striker but never got the break on the day.

Due to injuries and holidays we had to shuffle the midfield with Sienna playing out of position so her impact in midfield was missing a quick change and she was back in the middle putting in the crunching tackles and driving forward. The girls came more into it with Eva playing through the middle and driving down the line to get the crosses in . Daisy who is shining in midfield at the moment was a pest nipping at the heels and a shot which was goal bound blocked at the last minute. Charlie solid as always composed and spraying the ball out wide. Ellis who is so versitile in defence and midfield just gets stuck in and looks for the killer pass.

Although the girls were competing City scored in the 24 min with a well worked piece of play that cut us open. The girls held the game until half time 1-0 city.

Second half and with a change of striker Lucy with her pace and power who was down on goal was pulled up for a foul . We were unfortunate when Lilly who has her trademark throw ins played the ball quickly to Jess with her good footwork and turn played the ball through to Daisy who on another day would have got the free kick Lucy was penalised on . It was city who broke the back line and placed the ball in the net to go 2-0 up in the 50th min. Ruby who was on the striker the majority of the game took a sore tackle where we thought the worse but with deep breathes and big smile she just got up and played on ( although did receive a yellow card later in the game ).

With queens pressing for that goal it left it open at the back and City got that third with 2 mins to go.

The girls are hurting which is understandable but as a coach of these girl’s to get to the semi final playing tight games all the way is a credit to the belief,skill and determination they all have as a team . The club and coaches are very proud of how far you have come and what you have achieved just keep being you