The Scottish FA Refereeing Courses Launched Across DG

“Referees! I could do better myself!” The Scottish FA is running refereeing courses, starting in September 2017 across Dumfries and Galloway

“He was the last man!”, “She got the ball!” and “If referees had actually played the game, they’d know what they were doing!” are just three of the favourite calls of the “experts” who are the highly paid pundits on TV football programmes.

But, do they actually know what they’re talking about? Do they actually know the Laws of the Game?

In many cases, they don’t! And, after multiple replays of a situation that happened in a split second, they still can’t get to the correct decision. Imagine what a challenge it is for a referee to get decisions right.

If you think you could be better, this is your chance.

The Scottish FA is running refereeing courses, starting in September 2017. No experience whatsoever is needed. All that is needed is a love of football, a bit of self –confidence, the ability to make decisions, the realisation that you’re not always going to right or loved, and a thick skin!

• David Keswick Centre, Marchmount, Dumfries DG1 1 PX – starting Monday 4 September, 7pm [1900]

•Wigtownshire Rugby Football Club, Ladies Walk, Stranraer DG9 8BN – starting WEDNESDAY 6 SEPTEMBER, 7pm [1900]

The Laws of the Game will be taught by experienced local officials and run for around 10 weeks. Candidates who have completed the course will then do an online test.

The fee for the training course is £35, which covers the cost of the first year of Scottish FA registration. Once qualified, referees are paid a match fee each time they officiate.

For example, refereeing a children’s game could earn around £20. The referee and assistants for a Lowland League match could earn around £75/£45 respectively.

You might just want to have a bit of fun, keep fit and operate at a local level but you have the opportunity to progress up the levels of football. For example, several female Scottish FA qualified officials have operated at European tournaments recently. And, if you’re really good at it, dedicated, and want to make a career of it, the path is open to the Scottish Premier League and, ultimately, the likes of the Champions’ League or international matches.

So, if you fancy training to be a referee, attend the first night of classes. Or, if you want to find out more or discuss any aspect of the course, contact:

Lloyd Wilson (Dumfries classes], t: 07756 148 035
Sean Sutherland (Stranraer classes],t: 07725 620 049

Councillor Jeff Leaver, chairman of the Children, Young People and Lifelong Learning [CYPLL] committee, and Councillor Ros Surtees, vice-chair, said: “Any level of organised football can’t operate without referees. So, it’s important to train them as well as possible and then respect their decisions. If you love football, this course offers a great opportunity to get a better understanding of it by learning the Laws of the Game and to actually get involved by being a vital part of the action.”

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