D&G Schools Regional Badminton Tournament 2017

Dumfries & Galloway Schools Badminton Association hosted its Regional Badminton Tournament 2017 at Lockerbie Academy on Saturday 21 January.

More than 100 pupils from 10 secondary schools across Dumfries and Galloway attended the event.

Craig Marscheider, regional organiser for Dumfries and Galloway Schools Badminton Association, said: “It was a fantastic day of top quality badminton. Thanks are due to all who came along to support the event especially the participants, their families and supporters. Congratulations to all of the medal winners.”

Councillor Jeff Leaver, chairman of the CYPLL committee said: “It’s a Council priority to provide the best start in life for all our children. This includes supporting children to be healthy and active. Events such as this make it fun for young people to be active. Well done and thank you to all involved.”

Gold Medals:

Under 14
Boys singles – Gold medal: A Little (St Joseph’s)
Girls singles – Gold medal: N McCarthy (Douglas Ewart)
Boys doubles – Gold medals: A Little/J Little (St Joseph’s)
Girls doubles – Gold medals: No event played
Mixed doubles – Gold medals: J Smith/K Graham (Annan)

Under 16
Boys singles – Gold medal: D Holmes (Annan)
Girls singles – Gold medal: J Murray (Annan)
Boys doubles – Gold medals: D Holmes/R Holmes (Annan)
Girls doubles – Gold medals: J Murray/J Wallace (Annan)
Mixed doubles – Gold medals: J Murray/D Holmes (Annan)

Under 19
Boys singles – Gold medal: J Robertson (Wallace Hall)
Girls singles – Gold medal: J Craig (Douglas Ewart)
Boys doubles – Gold medals: I Rae/J Gaffney (Dalbeattie)
Girls doubles – Gold medals: K Johnstone/K Johnstone (Annan)
Mixed doubles – Gold medals: A McMorran/P Howie (Dalbeattie)

Silver Medals:

Under 14
Boys singles – Silver medal: C Jeffrey (Langholm)
Girls singles – Silver medal: V Ho (Douglas Ewart)
Boys doubles – Silver medals: C Jeffrey/R Johnstone (Langholm)
Girls doubles – Silver medals: No event played
Mixed doubles – Silver medals: S Dunbar/C Laird (Lockerbie)

Under 16
Boys singles – Silver medal: K Martin (Dalbeattie)
Girls singles – Silver medal: J Wallace (Annan)
Boys doubles – Silver medals: L McCarthy/H Brown (Douglas Ewart)
Girls doubles – Silver medals: N McCarthy/V Ho (Douglas Ewart)
Mixed doubles – Silver medals: N McCarthy/L McCarthy (Douglas Ewart)

Under 19
Boys singles – Silver medal: I Rae (Dalbeattie)
Girls singles – Silver medal: M Paisley (Langholm)
Boys doubles – Silver medals: O Alberigo/A McMorrin (Dalbeattie)
Girls doubles – Silver medals: G McLellan/L Bindsall (Dalbeattie)
Mixed doubles – Silver medals: K Proudfoot/K Johnstone (Annan)

Bronze Medals

Under 14
Boys singles – Bronze medal: C Turner (Lockerbie) & J Smith (Annan)
Girls singles – Bronze medal: F Kirk (Dumfries Academy) & B Patterson (Wallace Hall)
Boys doubles – Bronze medals: S Irving/B True (Wallace Hall) & S Dunbar/E Lowther
Girls doubles – Bronze medals: No event played
Mixed doubles – Bronze medals: No semi-finalists

Under 16
Boys singles – Bronze medal: A Lord (Dalbeattie) & L McCarthy (Douglas Ewart)
Girls singles – Bronze medal: K Johnstone (Annan) & M Boyd (Annan)
Boys doubles – Bronze medals: E Purdie/J Adam (St Joseph’s) & K Proudfoot/L Hawrylciw
Girls doubles – Bronze medals: No semi finalists
Mixed doubles – Bronze medals: M Boyd/F McMillan (Annan) & K Johnstone/L Hawrylciw

Under 19
Boys singles – Bronze medal: J Gaffney (Dalbeattie) & O Alberigo (Dalbeattie)
Girls singles – Bronze medal: K Laird (Lockerbie) & K Johnstone (Annan)
Boys doubles – Bronze medals: D Common/J Wilkes (Langholm)
Girls doubles – Bronze medals: J Craig/C Stewart (Douglas Ewart) & M Paisley/R Burton
Mixed doubles – Bronze medals: A Dorrance/K Laird (Lockerbie) & D Common/M Paisley

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