Saints Walking Football Continues Through the Winter

Walking Football at St Cuthbert Wanderers Football Club in Kirkcudbright has been so successful that the players have voted unanimously to play on throughout the winter. There will be two sessions every week, under floodlights on Mondays at 6.45pm – 8.00pm and in daylight on Thursdays afternoons at 1.45pm – 3.00pm.


Walking football is a slower version of the beautiful game for adults over 50. Exactly as the name suggests, it’s a standard game of football on a small-size pitch where players walk instead of running at full pace. Player safety is top priority so there is no slide tackling or heading the ball. It’s a stay-on-your-feet passing game.


It’s designed to help people get fit or to maintain an active lifestyle whatever their footballing ability, as well as get retired players back into the game. Older people who play regularly have enjoyed lower heart rate and reduced blood pressure, reduced fat, greater muscle strength and improved mobility.


And it’s not just about health. Walking football is social and friendly. There’s a positive and supportive vibe. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, enjoy a breath of fresh air, have a laugh and a blether.


Organiser Craig Fabian said, “It’s going really well. We’re delighted. The players have voted unanimously to continue outdoor sessions right through the winter. The all-weather 3G pitch is perfect, and we have floodlights for the evening sessions”.


If you’re interested in giving it a go or finding out more about it:

Call Craig on 07493 777855

or email: [email protected]

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