Saints Walking Football Show How It’s Done

Saints Walking Football played a fun mini-demonstration game in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the Stewartry Show in Castle Douglas last weekend.

Organiser Craig Fabian said “Walking Football is fast-growing in popularity, so many people have heard of it and show interest, but we still get a lot of questions about what it actually is! So we thought we should ‘show rather than tell’ and the Stewartry Show gave us the perfect opportunity”.

Walking football is a slower version of the beautiful game for adults over 50 and exactly as the name suggests, it’s a standard game of football on a smallsize pitch where players walk instead of running. Player safety is a top priority so no physical contact is allowed and no heading the ball. It’s a stay-on-your-feet passing game.

It’s designed to help people get fit or to maintain an active lifestyle whatever their footballing ability, as well as get retired players back into the game. Older people who play regularly have enjoyed lower heart rates and reduced blood pressure, reduced fat, greater muscle strength and improved mobility.

One onlooker at the Show, Derek, said “It looked like good fun out there. It wasn’t as intense as I thought it might be – I haven’t played football for many years so I worry I will’ve lost it, but I was encouraged by what I saw and I’m going to give it a go”. Another spectator, Alison said, “I hadn’t realised that this is for women as well. It’s great to see them offer us the option to play in a mixed group or a women-only group. I’m going to go to a try out the Women’s group first because they said it is a much more gentle pace. That suits me because although I used to play hockey, I haven’t played football before” Craig Fabian added, “Anyone, of any ability is welcome. And it’s not just about football and fitness, it’s also good fun, social and friendly. There’s a positive and supportive vibe. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, enjoy a breath of fresh air, have a laugh and a blether”.

Saints Walking Football, at St Cuthbert Wanderers FC in Kirkcudbright offer Free Taster Sessions every week. If you’re interested in giving it a go or finding out more about it call Craig Fabian on 07493 777855 or email [email protected]