Stewartry Sit Second Top With Victory Against Irvine

The Tennants West League one took Stewartry to Irvine last week (Saturday the 18th Januaruy 2020) leading to a win for the Blacks. IRVINE  14  STEWARTRY  38


The early stages of the game were played in the Blacks end of the pitch with Irvine making headway deep into the 22 a number of times. The hosts went offside giving Stewartry a penalty. With the ball coming back to Austin he managed to get back up to the 22 only for Irvine to infringe again.


Taking a quick tap McCarney charged up the left wing but he got stopped on halfway. Recycling the ball inside it went out wide to the right side where Spence took the pass to get over the try line. Mosey’s conversion added another 2 points.


Irvine went on the attack again after the Blacks gave away a penalty.. The hosts opted for a scrum 8 metres from the Stewartry line.  The home forwards got the push to take the ball and go left but it went forward. The Blacks took the ball in the scrum allowing Mosey to clear.


With 25 minutes on the clock Stewartry managed a turnover. Fraser Forsyth raced up the left side with ball in hand to the home 10 metre line but he got stopped with the ball going loose.


In the scrum the Blacks took the ball sending it out to Spence who made yardage up to the home 22. Chipping it over home defenders he chased to go in for a well worked try. The conversion missed leaving the Blacks 12 points ahead.


Doug Boyd secured the restart to get back to the halfway line before passing to Stevie McCulloch who made more ground. He was halted on the hosts 10 metre line.


Five minutes from the interval the Blacks were penalised when offside.  At the 5 metre lineout the home forwards took the ball to drive forward but they couldn’t get over the line.


The hosts kept up the pressure first going out right  and back to the left side.to get in for a touchdown. They added the extras.  Hogg went on to replace Porteous just before the break with the score at 12 – 7 to the Blacks.


The wind dropped at the start of the second period giving good conditions for an open game. The Blacks started off going on the offensive up the middle of the field. A home player attempted an interception but knocked on giving Stewartry a scrum on halfway.


From a lineout 18 metres from the home line the ball went to Danny Boyd. He chipped  forward to chase but the ball was judged to have gone forward. At the scrum Stewartry

No 8 picked up to go over for a try. The goal kick was wide.


With ten minutes gone Fraser Forsyth raced into home territory but was halted. He was able to offload to Danny Boyd who dodged past 3 defenders before passing to McCarney. As he received the ball he took a massive hit but was soon on his feet.


At the scrum Stewartry took the ball making ground deep into the host’s 22 but could not reach the line.  Home players knocked on and gave away a penalty in the 5 metre scrum.

After a quick tap Doug Boyd dived over but the ball was not grounded.


Stewartry took possession in the 5 metre scrum. With ball in hand Fraser Forsyth made a break for the try line but he was stopped short. Quick ball at the breakdown allowed the Blacks to put it wide on the right side. Once more they were stopped short with Irvine managing a turnover to clear their line.


Milligan went on to replace Fraser Forsyth and McGuire for  Michael McCulloch. The Blacks pack took possession at a lineout on the host’s 22. The ball went to Milligan who danced past 3 defenders to get a touchdown. Mosey added the extras giving Stewratry a 17 point margin with 25 minutes remaining.


Steele went on for Maxwell. At a scrum 5 metres inside the host’s half Steele saw open space in the middle of the field allowing him to race in to get a bonus point try under the sticks. Mosey slotted the conversion.


Ten minutes from time McCarney and Spence gained a lot of ground to get deep into the home 22 but the ball went forward. Stewartry were penalised for a high tackle after the scrum giving Irvine a halfway lineout.


McCulloch replaced McMorran. At a lineout after an Irvine penalty on the Blacks 22 the home forwards went up the right wing. Tight Stewratry defence kept the attack at bay but they knocked on.


From the scrum the home pack picked up to drive in for a converted try.


With 5 minutes left Forsyth returned to replace McCarney. The hosts took possession in a scrum on halfway to get up to the Blacks 22. But Stewartry managed a turnover when Jason Forsyth injected pace up the right wing to the home 22.


Forsyth timed a lovely pass inside to send Steele in for a try under the uprights. Mosey slotted the goal taking the full time score line to Irvine 14  Stewartry  38.


A good win for Stewartry but there is a hard game ahead next weekend when fourth place Garnock visit Greenlaw after defeating Annan 96 – 7.


Stewartry Squad –  C Mosey, F Forsyth, T J McCarney, Danny Boyd, L Spence, R Austin, J Picken ( Captain) M McCulloch, S McLaen, I McMorran, D Maxwell, J Forsyth,

R Porteous,S McCulloch, Doug Boyd, C McGuire, S Hogg, D Steele, S Milligan.