Tough Season Opener for Stewartry as Strathendrick take Victory

After a good opening in the first game of the 2018/19 Tennants West Regional League 1 season, things changed for Stewartry when Strathendrick got a try in the tenth minute.


The Blacks got a penalty on the home 22. The ball came back to McCarney who broke through for the try line but he got stopped.  The home side managed a turnover and kicked down field to get a scrum 8 metres from the Stewartry line. Strathendrick pushed the Blacks back taking possession to touch down, The conversion went wide.


At a lineout on the Stewartry 22 Mosey kicked down to the home 10 metre line. Strathendrick secured the ball with a quick throw in sending it over to the other wing. Missed tackles allowed them in for try number 2 before adding the extras.


Into the second quarter Stewartry gave away a penalty for holding on giving the home team a 22 lineout. Strathendrick took the ball and broke away up the left wing to get another try plus the conversion.


With 30 minutes gone Andrew Kerr was replaced by McCulloch.  Strathendrick went over the top giving away a penalty on their own 22. The Blacks took the ball at the scrum to drive forward for McMorran to get a try. Mosey slotted the conversion.


When the restart went straight out the home side put pressure on the Black’s forwards at the halfway scrum allowing them to charge up the left side and then right leading to a try plus the extras.


Two minutes before half time Cunningham replaced Picken. The home forwards took the ball in a scrum, attacking up the middle to get the bonus point try under the sticks. The conversion kick ended the first period.


Going into the second half Kerr and Picken along with Jamieson went on as Broll and McMorran left the pitch. Stewartry took some big hits but made ground up to the home 22 but they were stopped.


From the scrum Stewartry were offside giving Strathendrick a lineout on the Blacks 22. The home forwards charged up the left sing but good defence put them in touch.5 metres short.


Strathendrick secured the ball in the lineout to drive toward the Blacks line but again defenders stopped them short with Stewartry getting a penalty allowing Mosey to kick away.


With fifteen minutes gone Broll went back on in place of Underwood.  Mosey kicked the ball down field off a scrum. Strathendrick took a quick throw into break up the right side but once more they were stopped short.


In the 5 metre scrum the home forwards took the ball to touch down under the posts adding an easy conversion.


Into the last quarter the Blacks gave away a penalty for handling on the ground on their own 10 metre line. This allowed the home team to attack again up the right wing and in for a try. The kick went wide.


Underwood went back on in place of A Kerr.  Strathendrick attacked again on the right but they gave away a penalty allowing the Blacks to clear their lines..  The home side got a turnover going right again to add another try plus the extras.


Ten minutes from time McMorran and Cunningham were back for Picken and McGuire.  Stewartry got a penalty getting up to the home 22 but they were penalised for holding on.


The home team took a quick tap but were penalised on their own 10 metre line allowing the Blacks to get back to the Strathendrick 22 but they knocked on.


Strahendrick took the ball at the dcrum to charge up the middle and score and add the conversion. Final score  Stewartry  7  Strahendrick  59.


The visitors at Fintry were outplayed by a strong and well drilled side whose pack dominated in a lot of set piece play. This allowed them to run straight at the Blacks making it hard to defend.


Stewartry squad: J Fingland (capt), S Milligan, T J McCarney, D Kerr, A Coupland, C Mosey, S broll, K McGuire, I McMorran, D Maxwell, R Underwood,

A Budde, L davidson, A Kerr, J Picken, J Jamieson, R Cunningham, M McCulloch.

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