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Christina Adamson

Christina Adamson from Dumfries has always been dedicated to health and fitness. Amongst many personal fitness successes; from running her first marathon 2 years ago and recently completing a 37 mile trail ultra marathon; she has been on a journey pursuing a personal and professional fitness quest.

As her friends and colleagues suggestion she looked into gym instructor courses last year and after researching various programs she is now has several qualifications under her belt including INSANITY and PiYO certifications.

Christina chose the INSANITY and PiYO programs because they are like nothing else offered in Dumfries. Having participated in these classes before, she was aware of its unique design and wanted to provide an effective course to help people in Dumfries stay healthy, motivated and in-shape.



Unlike traditional, old-school workouts INSANITY’s high-intensity activity forces the body to work for longer periods of time at a 1 a 1 a caf 4higher capacity than traditional workouts. As a result, people experience faster increases in cardiovascular fitness, and burn carbohydrates and fat more efficiently—as much as 1,000 calories per hour!
As the name implies, the classes can be intense, but the beauty of this course is its structure, allowing you to work at your own level. Every movement can be modified based on level of experience. Whether you’ve just begun exercise, are recovering from an injury, want your pre-baby body back or just want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, INSANITY classes can work for anyone.


1 a 1 a caf 9PiYO has only recently been introduced to the UK and Christina was one of the first fitness instructors to undertake the qualification to become a PiYO instructor. PiYO is a low impact high intensity workout which fuses the methods of yoga and pilates into an effective calorie burning workout which will use every muscle and help clients tone up and achieve that amazing flexible toned physique while building a sweat and finish the class knowing you have had a full body workout.

Why not go to a gym? Gym memberships can be expensive and often tie you into a contract- this can end up costing you a pretty penny. INSANITY and PiYO classes are run on a pay as you go or monthly pass basis, allowing you the freedom to go to as many or few classes as you like. INSANITY and PiYO differs from a gym experience in many ways- flexibility, cost and instant health benefits. Classes will help you grow your confidence in a friendly, motivating environment.


1 a 1 a caf 2Christina has also recently introduced a BootCamp to her class portfolio, this has been created by herself and incorporates workoutsthat Christina uses herself. She has developed the BootCamp froma lot of research into the best methods to keep fit and tone muscle. The BootCamp is different every week and incorporates cardio, weight training and strength and condition work. Her clients are really enjoying the variety, Jane (a CAFitness since February 2015) added that she loves that she never knows what she is going to be doing when she attends this motivates her to attend as she likes to try new ways of keeping fit.

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All of the classes Christina offers at CAFitness suit all abilities you do not have to be super fit to attend, there is something for everyone and everyone is welcome.

Check out CAFitness facebook page for details on the classes or text Christina on 07950 620153.
Christina told DGWGO  “Health and fitness is my passion, I love to discuss with people how I can help them. My classes are friendly and everyone comes away feeling like they have had a great workout and they are seeing improvements every week. My aim is to promote health and fitness, to show that hard work and dedication does go a long way. If we are healthy and fit then we will live longer and happier lives.”

-Christina Adamson, CA Fitness

DGWGO- July 2015




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