Carson Challenges Electric Vehicle Funding For Rural Areas

Finlay Carson has challenged the Scottish Government over its funding commitment towards electric vehicles and publicly available charging points in rural areas.

The Galloway and West Dumfries MSP says he is dismayed over the lack of serious funding in EV infrastructure projects.

He described the package of funding on offer – £2 million – as “woefully inadequate” and accused the government of ignoring remote and rural areas in the drive towards zero emissions transport.

The local MSP said: “The Scottish Government has committed itself to a package of funding totalling more than £30 million to support a more equitable transition.
“Yet at the same time it is only making £2 million available to support households living in flats and rural areas across Scotland. It claims that access to EV infrastructure must be more equal across communities.
“But how can they honestly claim that is going to be the case when all it is offering is £2 million.
“Hardly equal, I would say. If the Scottish Government wants to seriously decarbonise our transport sector then they are going to have to come up with serious money. Once again, rural areas like my constituency here are being left behind.”

The local MSP has already tabled several questions at Holyrood asking when the Stranraer rail line will be upgraded to meet net-zero targets.

He said: “If government ministers wants to seriously encourage people to use public c then they not only have to offer a decent service but also ensure the rail network is improved and reliable.”

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