Police Scotland’s Summer Drink Driving Campaign launches 5th July 2020

With summer in full swing, many road users will be heading out to beer gardens and the homes of friends and family. If you are planning on drinking please consider how you will get home afterwards.

A Spokesperson from Traffic Scotland Said “If you have been drinking, public transport is a great way to get around without breaking the law or risking road safety. On the other hand, public transport numbers are still restricted so you may have to wait a little longer on your next bus, train or tram. Designated drivers are another way to ensure everyone gets home safely – especially if you will be staying out beyond regular public transport hours.
Police Scotland will be on the lookout for anyone driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the roads. Breaking this law could result in a 12 month driving ban, time in prison, a substantial fine and a criminal record. Officers will be carrying out checks at all times of the day – including in the early morning for anyone who remains under the influence from the night before.
Road users are reminded that drug tests can show a positive result days (and sometimes even weeks) after last usage. Any positive tests will result in consequences for the road user. Driving under the influence of prescription medication that can alter your ability to drive is also an offence.”

Traffic Scotland works around the clock to provide real-time traffic and travel information across the trunk and motorway network in Scotland, you can:

•           Visit my.trafficscotland.org on your mobile or trafficscotland.org on your desktop

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The Traffic Scotland mobile website my.trafficscotland.org and desktop website trafficscotland.org both offer a range of web and internet information services.

The service not only provides access to key information (cameras, roadworks, congestion, weather stations, events), it incorporates the 24/7 Traffic Scotland Internet Radio and connects to Twitter.

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