Monday and Tuesday will see dry and fine conditions for much of the UK, with clearer skies and sunny spells in many areas, especially the south and east.

However, the west of Scotland, after a windy, showery day on Monday, will be cloudier on Tuesday, with rain gradually becoming more persistent in the afternoon.

Wet and windy weather ahead

Wednesday signals the start of a shift in weather for many.

Speaking in the Met Office Week Ahead forecast, Meteorologist and Presenter Aidan McGivern said: “There will be outbreaks of rain, heavy at times, for western Scotland and Northern Ireland pushing into northern and western England as well as Wales. The rain tends to fizzle into showers further south and it’ll stay largely dry in the southeast through Wednesday with some sunny spells.”

After a drier interlude for many areas on Wednesday night and Thursday, developing low-pressure to the west informs the forecast for the rest of the week.

Aidan continued: “Two areas of low-pressure and an active jet stream is waiting in the wings. With all these different features interacting with each other there will be some uncertainty in terms of the details for later this week.

“The overall theme of the forecast is pretty evident, with low pressure towards the northwest of the UK at the end of this week with some wet and windy weather and quite a number of showers.”

Friday is expected to be windy, with the highest gusts most likely in exposed coastal areas in the north.

Aidan concluded: “It’ll be a blustery day for all on Friday and even though there’s some uncertainties about the position of the low pressure, what’s most likely is low-pressure to the north, a brisk westerly airflow and a number of showers.”