GalloGlas Eco Clean Launch EcoMist – A Range of Safe Disinfecting Products That Are Kind To You, Hard on COVID

Dumfries based company GalloGlas EcoClean now has a range of disinfecting products; powered by electrolysed water, that are safe for your kids, pets, you and are kind to the environment.

GalloGlas Eco Clean, part of the GalloGlas Group, are based at Heathhall Business Centre and Dumfries & Galloway’s only eco friendly cleaning service.

‘Providing complete peace of mind is everything’

Following a number of enquiries, from customers, looking for an eco friendly solution to help disinfect their homes and businesses, GalloGlas EcoClean got to work to source a powerful solution that also kept in line with their 100% eco friendly ethos.

After a lot of research, development, and product testing, GalloGlas have now launched their EcoMist brand.

Managing Director Richie Nicoll told DGWGO “EcoMist is ideal for use in all domestic and commercial environments. The bottles are designed to last and give excellent performance, and every single product is refillable and reusable.”

Richie adds: “Providing complete peace of mind is everything we strive for at the GalloGlas Group and EcoMist and our new EcoMister means our customers can get on with their business and homelife. The EcoMister is a nebuliser, designed to work without the need to be present in the area while disinfection takes place so you save money straight away. You literally can carry out your normal everyday cleaning and then switch the machine on and walk away. As it releases the product in a dry form there is no need to remove sensitive items such as electronic equipment”

How does EcoMist kill germs?

EcoMist has been tested to a series of European Standards including EN1276:2019 and kills most micro-organisms within just 1 minute! It is 30x more effective at killing the bad stuff than bleach, yet completely non-toxic.

EcoClean Operations Manager, Jade Jamieson, said: “Every drop of EcoMist product contains the same active ingredient that our body’s produce when fighting an infection. It also has a very small but important electrical charge which destroys the outer membrane of micro-organisms. The active ingredient can then enter the microorganism to destroy it – very quickly”

How can you use EcoMist?

EcoMist is such a versatile solution that it can be used to clean your kitchen, it can be used as a hand sanitiser, it can be used to neutralise nasty smells and also is highly advantageous in the fight against COVID-19.

The solution can be used through spray guns, atomisers and also can be distributed through dry fogging machines and nebulisers.

Is EcoMist toxic?

This simple answer is….No. EcoMist complies with the requirements of the European Biocide Regulation EU528/2012 Product Types 1-5, which means it is deemed approved for use with Humans and Animals and it has been tested to BS EN 901 as a disinfectant for drinking water, fit for human consumption.

In 2015, Electrolysed water was given approval by the Secretary of State under regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000 for use in public water supplies, provided it is being used as directed to disinfect water.


  • Quick acting Biocide, Virucide, Fungicide & Sporacide
  • Kills indiscriminately, without promoting resistance
  • Easily nebulised to disinfect the hard to reach places
  • Not harmful to humans, animals, or plants
  • No special precautions required when used
  • The safe way to disinfect homes, cars, nurseries, schools, pubs, hotels, trains, buses and aircraft etc


  • 99.995% Effective – FREE from alcohol, parabens, aldehydes, and chlorine.
  • Tested to several European Standards including EN1276:2019. EcoMost kills most micro-organisms within just 1 minute!

Refill Stations – Supporting Schools, Charities, and Community Hubs

GalloGlas Eco Clean is also inviting communities to take part in their refill project.

All a school, nursery or community centre has to do is sign up and they can be a refill/collection station.

‘Lizzie’ the Electric Twizy!

This will not only help get their green flags, but GalloGlas will commit 30% of the net sales straight back towards the school or community funds.

GalloGlas Eco Clean will deliver the products to the Refill Station free of charge in one of their Electric Vehicle fleet, be it van, car or the regions first and only e-cargo bike. Customers then take their empty products to the hub to refill

If you would like to know more about EcoMist or become a Refill Station then you can email them at  [email protected] or call them on 01387 257807

About The GalloGlas Group

GalloGlas Group provides a range of Security, Training, Logistics and Environmental Services, by applying an integrated, cost effective, service delivery approach. This ensures employees retain a high level of competence, operate safely, and sustain an eco-friendly carbon footprint within the workplace.