Heathhall Business Centre Roll Out Free Super Fast Broadband Service To All Tenants

Heathhall Business Centre has made their new high-speed internet available to all new and existing tenants, free of charge.

Following the continued success of the estate’s new internet service, which has attracted big names like United Utilities, the Halo Trust and local favourites Marchbank Bakers to the site, Heathhall Business Centre has decided to make the high-speed internet service free for all its users.

How does it work?

The innovative new multi-point network connects all businesses at Heathhall to a central point to provide all tenants with a superfast connection. It is much more reliable than the previous BT connection, providing tenants with a highly responsive internet connection that is free from the reliability issues associated with conventional broadband. Each unit benefits from its own fully encrypted, secure network.

How will tenants benefit from the new high-speed connection?

Previously, connection speeds at Heathhall were around 1-2 Mbps with frequent inconsistencies and drop outs.

Using the new service, both new and existing tenants can benefit from upload and download speeds > 10x faster, allowing them to access online services easily and build their presence online.


As well as a much faster and reliable internet connection, the team at Heathhall Business Centre have ensured an entirely cloud-based solution allowing management to diagnose any problems immediately and troubleshoot remotely before network users are even aware of an issue.

Each unit has its own secure network which is fully encrypted to maintain its security and integrity.

Visitors can also now benefit from the 2hrs free internet service by visiting the new Marchbanks Café.

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