Animals In War Remembered At Wreath Laying Ceremony

The Devil’s Porridge Museum commemorated remembrance day by laying a wreath at their memorial to animals in war on Thursday 10th November 2022.

DGWGO went along to record the wreath laying and chat with Stephen Glencross of the Animals in War Group.

Stephen said “The animals during the two world wars and well all wars for this country were mainly horses carrier pigeons and dogs also mules and donkeys and ponies were used from this country. Worldwide there was over 16 million horses, dogs, mules, donkeys, ponies, and pigeons lost in the wars. The animals were a massive help to to our country.”

“Homing pigeons were massively important, as all the animals and birds were. Dogs to this day are being used in war and conflict like Afghanistan and Northern Ireland in the past you know.”

“One dog comes to my mind all the time. It’s a dog called Treo. And it is massive what it did for this country.”

You can learn more about Treo here.