Annan Play Park Steering Group Announce New Park To Be Built This Year

Annan Play Park Steering Group are delighted to announce after 5 years of hard work and dedication they finally have a design for their park which will be installed THIS year!!!
A Spokesperson for Annan Play Park Steering Group Said “We hope to have the park completed by summer at the very latest subject to Covid-19 restrictions.
We could not have done this without the help of Dumfries and Galloway council who have funded nearly half of the total amount needed for the project, Colin Smyth MSP
for helping secure the £166k investment through the council, Jaime Nicholson and Nicola Simpson from the council for their support in helping make this happen.
We extend gratitude to all of our funders The Hollywood Trust, The Robertson Trust, Awards for All, Tesco Community Fund, The local housing developers and our generous community for their support. And to all of our committee members who have stuck with it for 5 long years a massive THANKYOU!!
Statement from Cllr. Sean Marshall:
After nearly five years of hard work and dedication by our small number of hard working APPS Group members that included conducting widespread community consultation we are thrilled to reveal the very exciting plans for a flagship play park next to Newington Sports Centre at the Weyroc.
Nearly half a million pounds has been raised to provide an exciting flagship play park for all ages including state of the art interactive equipment and improvements to Newington Sports Centre including a changing places toilet that should increase the usage of the Centre and secure its long term future.
The new playpark will not only be for the people of Annan but also the nearby villages and settlements in the surrounding area.
Five years ago parents came to myself and Ronnie Ogilvie as local Councillors asking for a decent play park and we have all worked together to realise these dreams as some of these parents rolled up their sleeves and formed the Annan Play Park Steering Group.
This is only the first phase of the overall project and we have further exciting plans to develop this whole area for the benefit of all ages.
Statement from Chairman Ronnie Ogilvie:
As Chairman would add that I’m so proud of the Apps group for all their hard work and staying power to get us to this point and I will look forward to developing the next phase of the project.