Cunninghame Housing Association’s Community Effort Accommodates Kate’s Kitchen Garden Project

Ashleigh Building are currently delivering a total of 157 affordable housing units for Cunninghame Housing Association over two separate sites in Annan.

The site at the high street in Annan is a total of 27 affordable housing units, with the first phase completed and handed over earlier this year. MSP Kevin Stewart attended the opening ceremony on 25th February 2020, and Ashleigh are currently on-site refurbishing the 5 remaining units.

The second site is based at Hallmeadow in Annan where Cunninghame Housing Association are delivering a total of 130 affordable units, which started on the 6th July 2020.

On all their projects, Ashleigh seek to involve and enhance communities, working closely with local schools, community groups and sports associations.

The Association were recently contacted by Hazel Thompson from Kate’s Kitchen, who was looking for a site cabin that could be up-cycled and used by their volunteer gardeners for their innovative garden project.

Kate’s Kitchen is a charity organisation based in Annan, who operate a café for people within the community.

Cunninghame Housing Association forwarded the request onto Ashleigh’s Area Director David Roan who informed their local teams and involved supply chain partners Jarvie Plant Hire and J&J Currie Ltd in sourcing a cabin that could be donated and transported to the site.

Cunninghame Housing Association are looking forward to seeing how this cabin will be transformed by Kate’s Kitchen’s Volunteers in the upcoming months.