DGMHA Introduces Mindfulness Benches in Dalbeattie, with Plans for Castle Douglas

Dumfries and Galloway Mental Health Association (DGMHA) is leading an initiative to bring mindfulness benches to Dalbeattie, supported by a generous £60,000 donation from Kavli Trust, the owners of Castle MacLellan.

Known for its dedication to mental health services across the region, DGMHA has allocated a portion of the funds to enhance community spaces in Dalbeattie. The organisation has partnered with Dalbeattie Men’s Shed to construct the mindfulness benches.

Dalbeattie Men’s Shed, recognised for community-oriented projects, has been commissioned by DGMHA to craft these benches. In recognition of their efforts, the Men’s Shed received a £500 donation.

The mindfulness benches aim to provide Dalbeattie with serene spaces for reflection and community engagement. DGMHA emphasises the importance of these benches as a quiet retreat for individuals to meet, talk, and find solace when needed.

One bench will be placed in Colliston Park, Dalbeattie and the second at Dalbeattie Learning Campus

Upcoming Plans for Castle Douglas:
Looking ahead, DGMHA has plans to extend this initiative to Castle Douglas. The success of the Dalbeattie project has inspired DGMHA to continue enhancing communal areas with mindfulness benches, promoting mental well-being across multiple communities.

Liz Kelting, Care & Support Manager at DGMHA, expressed gratitude for the substantial donation, stating, “We were fortunate to receive a substantial cheque of £60,000 from Kavli Trust, the owners of Castle MacLellan. As a service providing multi-care services across the region for mental health, we decided to use part of the funds to create mindfulness benches in Dalbeattie and Castle Douglas.”

Geoff Allison, a member of Dalbeattie Men’s Shed, shared, “The men’s shed were delighted to contribute to making these benches. It aligns with our aim to engage with the community and support initiatives that promote mental health. Working on this project has been a rewarding experience for our members, and we are pleased to be a part of creating spaces for reflection.”As the mindfulness benches find their place in Dalbeattie’s parks and schools, the community eagerly anticipates the positive impact these serene spaces will have on their daily lives. This collaborative effort between DGMHA and Dalbeattie Men’s Shed exemplifies a community-driven approach to enhancing well-being, with future plans to extend this initiative to Castle Douglas.