Dumfries Mens Shed Officially Get Keys To New Premises


Dumfries Men’s Shed has now officially confirmed that the Dumfries Men`s Shed as of Friday 13th November 2020, accepted the ownership and keys to No. 1 Cresswell Gardens, Dumfries via the “Asset Transfer” Scheme. 


A Spokesperson from DMS Told DGWGO “Obviously, this is great news for Dumfries Men’s Shed, It’s  members and the community of Dumfries.  Dumfries Men’s Shed wish’s to thank D&G Council for their help and of course for the transfer of this property to ourselves.
Dumfries Men’s Shed would also like to thank all of our supporters and the public in general for their best wishes, support and continued interest in this matter despite the difficulties this year due to the Pandemic.
As some people are aware Dumfries Men’s Shed had to close their old premises in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 Lockdown. The new “Shed” at No.1 Cresswell Gardens does not yet have an opening date due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic and also as they need to move their old property into their new one and they also must make sure that they have the correct P.P.E and social distancing measures in place. Dumfries Men’s Shed presently anticipate the new “Dumfries Men`s Shed” premises could open in Spring 2021. 
When they have an official opening date, they will announce it via Facebook and on their other Social Media platforms.”