Dumfries Veteran Walking Entire Uk Coastline To Thank Charity That Saved His Life

A young veteran from Dumfries is currently walking the entire UK coastline to give back to charity that saved his life!

Daniel, 26, from Dumfries and Galloway is on a mission to walk 16,000 miles round the UK to raise funds for veterans charity SSAFA. Just two months after setting off from Sandyhills, Dalbeattie, he met his now girlfriend Charlotte, 25, who has now joined him on his epic adventure which will take 4 years to complete. 

After falling on hard times and becoming addicted to drink and drugs, Daniel got in contact with SSAFA which helped him with his financial and mental struggles. A year later after turning his life around, lockdown meant that Daniel was left jobless. One day, after being inspired by a past coastal walker Christian Nock, Daniel sold all his material items, gave up his home and started walking. 

When he reached Dunoon, on the west coast of Scotland, he met Charlotte, a young woman from Yorkshire. After an afternoon led to spending four days together, Charlotte joined Dan on three of the Scottish islands over the summer. In the few months that followed, Charlotte decided to leave her job and join Daniel on his epic trek and has decided to do it in support of Woman’s aid. 

Together, they have completed Orkney and the east coast of Scotland in the winter and are about to complete the Shetland islands. To follow their journey or to donate you can find them @danwalksuk & @charlottewalksuk


The links to donate are https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/danwalksuk and