New Friends of the Museum scheme at the Devil’s Porridge Museum

Friends Devil's Porridge Museum
In 2014, the Devil’s Porridge Museum started its Friends of the Museum Scheme.  “It was designed to appeal to locals and to offer them the chance to come back time and again for four years.  This was timed to coincide with the centenary of the First World War.”  Museum Manager, Judith Hewitt explained.  “We had hundreds of members who kept coming back to us to see what was happening at the Museum.”


For 2019, the Museum has launched a new scheme.  This time there is tiered membership.  Bronze (£5) and silver (£10) membership are still only available to certain postcodes while the gold membership (£20) is available to everyone.  “Each membership lasts for two years and there are different perks for those who pay more.  Everyone who joins up gets free entry to the Museum but we also offer 10% off in our café and discounted entry to events and so on.”


The new scheme was launched on January 21st and more information can be found on the Museum’s website by clicking HERE