KPT Development Trust Gather Public Opions on New Community Hub

KPT Development Trus

The KPT Development Trust have recently published and delivered a questionnaire to the people of Keir, Penpont and Tynron to discover local thoughts on the possibility of a community hub for the area. The survey was created by CHAT (Community Hub Action Team), who are one of the trust’s activity groups, which is made up of local volunteers with the interest in exploring the benefits and uses of a community hub.

The KPT Development Trust is a community-led company that formed in 2018 and whose purpose is to design projects that address the rural, environmental and economic regeneration of the three villages through local involvement.

The trust is currently funded partly by collective windfarm funds alongside funding from LEADER, who provide opportunities for individuals, businesses and communities in rural areas, helping to support rural development and provide long lasting benefits to those within.

In 2017, a Community Enterprise consultation conducted in the three villages acknowledged areas of in need improvement and obtained local opinion on what might be done. One recurring theme was the need for a space where multi-generational activities and all forms of local interest could take place. CHAT are hoping that their questionnaire will explore how local people think a community hub might meet these needs.

They believe that it is important for everyone in the three communities to have their say in what an ideal community hub should look like.  With that in mind they have created a questionnaire that they have delivered to each household within the three community council areas.

They have also published the questionnaire via survey monkey for those who prefer to complete the survey online and who may fall outside the KPT areas, but who still have an interest in the future use of a hub.

The questionnaire has a mix of multiple choice answers and suggestion boxes that are designed to determine what local people would like to see and what would be used. Things such as a community shop, vocational opportunities, free internet access, classes, clinics and community pub are ideas that were originally mentioned.

CHAT state “We are hoping for a good response from all three communities as this will lead us to the next step of a feasibility study.  We are very aware of the different needs of individuals and that is why we are looking for the opinions of all. It is one of the reasons we called the group CHAT, as we are all about chatting to the locals”.

The team have created a Facebook page ( where they are keeping locals up to date with all things hub related.  The link for their questionnaire is available via this page or by going to the following web address for those interested in taking part and having their say.

If you are interested in finding out more about the KPT Development Trust or even becoming a member you can contact them by emailing

The Community Hub Questionnaire will be close on Friday 7th June.