Marchmount Bowling Club In Dumfries Are Hoping To Attract New Members This Season

Marchmount Bowling Club’s new season has got underway and the club hope to encourage new members.

The club, based at Moffat Road, have two ‘Try Bowls’ sessions in April and May where you can go along and give bowls a go. The club have also secured funding from the Cashback for Communities fund as part of a drive to get young people involved in the game.

Alan Glendinning, on behalf of the club, said ” We’re really hoping that this season we can bring some new members into the club. It’s been a trying two years with COVID, and the pandemic, and that’s restricted our activities here but what we really want to do is open the club up to the local community to get new members in.”

“Come and try the game. Have an open mind. There is a stigma that it’s a game for older people and that’s very true that older people do play but it’s a game for all ages and really an opportunity to interact with new people to get some gentle exercise and it really maintains their general health and well-being.”

‘We will support them’

Alan continued “During the early stages, we will support them because we know it’s difficult for people to come into a new environment. So we’ll try and have somebody that’s nominated as their contact to give them the confidence to play and introduce them to the members here to get them on the green.”

“All we’re asking is to bring a pair of flat sole shoes or training shoes to start with. We’ve got bowls here that we can provide and obviously to take the game up they probably look to buy their own at some point.”

Marchmount Bowling Green – ©DGWGO

Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

The green is open till September and the club also offers all year round indoor facilities including carpet bowls, short mat bowls, and also a snooker table.

‘All ages and capabilities’

Alan added “If you’re just looking for a bounce game then just come down and have a wee practice. You can get in at any time basically after 10 AM in the morning up until dusk.  There are leagues arranged against other clubs in the area and knockout tournaments as well so there’s a wide range and caters for all ages and all capabilities.

There is no need to book for the ‘Try Out’ sessions which are scheduled for April the 24th and May 7th 2022 from 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm each day. Just take a flat soled pair of shoes or trainers.

You can follow the club’s Facebook page here or call them on 01387 252302