Dumfries Man Richie Nicoll Hauls SUV Tyre Up Criffel Five Times To Support QOS Charity

On the fifth and final day of a challenging fundraising initiative, Richie Nicoll, a local man in Dumfries, carried an SUV tyre up Criffel hill to raise money for the Queen of the South Community Foodhub, a charitable organization that provides assistance to individuals and families in need of support.

Richie embarked on a gruelling journey, carrying the heavy SUV tyre up the steep hill while walking for 28.5km and climbing over 2500m. Despite the difficulties he faced along the way, Richie persevered, driven by his commitment to the cause and his passion for making a difference in his community.

His dedication and hard work have been an inspiration to many, and he has received widespread support and praise from the local community, who have generously donated to the charity through the provided link.

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The Queen of the South Community Foodhub has expressed their gratitude for Richie’s efforts and the support of the community, emphasizing that their work would not be possible without the kindness and generosity of individuals like him.