Cunninghame Group of Companies Radiates Generosity with Christmas Initiatives

In the spirit of giving and spreading joy this holiday season, the Cunninghame Group of Companies incorporating Cunninghame Housing Association (CHA); Cunninghame Furniture Recycling Company (CFRC) and Citrus Energy has once again exemplified the true essence of generosity and community support. Embracing the season of goodwill, the Group strived to make a difference in the lives of those in need by donating toys and much-needed funds to Cash 4 Kids Ayrshire and the North Ayrshire Foodbank.

This Christmas, staff within the CHA Group orchestrated a remarkable initiative that showcased the compassion and kindness embedded within their teams. Their efforts aimed to brighten the holidays for children across Ayrshire by contributing brand-new toys, carefully chosen, and generously donated by the association’s dedicated staff.

Additional toys were also donated by the Association’s subsidiary company Cunninghame Furniture Recycling Company (CFRC). Toys were provided by way of donations of reusable/unused toys to CFRC who are committed to donating the same to local charities throughout the Region. This is the first year of this new initiative and details can be found on CFRC website:

Toy Appeal and Donations

The enthusiasm and eagerness of staff was displayed as they collected an array of toys suitable for children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. Recognising the significance of spreading joy to every child, regardless of age, the assortment of toys catered to the diverse needs and interests of children aged 0-18. This thoughtful approach ensured that each child would receive a gift tailored to them on Christmas Day.

The Association also presented a significant financial contribution with £400 donated to Cash 4 Kids Ayrshire, ensuring more children and teenagers benefit from their efforts this Christmas.

Representatives of Cash 4 Kids, Ciara Robertson and Michael Smith, had the following to say about the Associations generous donations:

‘This donation from Cunninghame Housing Association is vitally important for helping children in Ayrshire over the Christmas period. CHA has kindly been a toy collection point, and the toys they have donated will go directly to children in Ayrshire who otherwise may not have woken up to a present on Christmas Morning.

Their £400 donation will support our Mission Christmas campaign, with our mission being that no child goes cold or hungry at Christmas. We are so grateful for their support, which will help so many children locally.’

Additionally, staff within the CHA Group of Companies demonstrated support for those facing food insecurity in the area. Recognising the vital role played by the North Ayrshire Foodbank in providing food to individuals and families in need, staff rallied to collect and donate essential food items.

Collection efforts culminated in a remarkable donation of essential items and a substantial financial contribution with a cheque amounting to £1500 donated to Craig Crosthwaite, Coordinator of the North Ayrshire Foodbank, who commented the following.

‘North Ayrshire Foodbank could not deliver the essential support to those most in need without the generous support of your colleagues and Managers. We can help 6543 people due to the

Associations support. It is their generosity that allows it to happen.’

The collective efforts of staff within the Cunninghame Housing Association Group of Companies reflect the Association’s corporate responsibility and a genuine desire to positively impact communities. Their commitment to spreading joy, ensuring children experience the magic of the season, and supporting those facing hardships embodies the true essence of the holiday spirit.