Featured Photographer – David Moses

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David’s photo is courtesy of Holly Burns Photography

David Moses is a portrait photographer based in Wigtownshire.

David’s goal as a photographer is to celebrate children and families of all ages, to show the spirit of people in his images and to help families decorate their homes with highly personal artwork. Artwork that really matters.

photo courtesy of Holly Burns Photography

He doesn’t believe that there is a wrong time to have your family photographed – “It’s so important to record your family as they are, soon everything will have changed and all you will have left of that time is pictures.”

He really believes in the power of wall art. “I’ve got thousands of pictures on my hard drive/phone etc and they never get looked at. I’ve even got prints stuffed in boxes and drawers. But I had some special pictures framed and have them hanging in my home and they give me great joy. I want to give families something that will go up on their wall and
stay there forever.”

David is regular contributor to the amazing regional magazine Dumfries & Galloway Life. This high quality publication provides him with a great opportunity to flex his creative muscles and also to get out across the region and meet people. “As a people photographer, this kind of gig is brilliant. I get to meet some really cool people who are doing amazing, interesting things in some fantastic places.”

His favourites include the Ladyshear Ladies picture that was circulated far and wide including national press, having the staff of Newton Stewart Cinema act out famous movie scenes, photographing a company manager in a lake whilst wearing his suit and getting caught in a blizzard whilst photographing the new Dark Sky Observatory.

Educating fellow professionals as well as enthusiastic amateurs is something that David feels passionate about. He provides workshops for all levels of abilities. “I love helping people learn, it’s incredibly satisfying.”

He provides tuition by the hour on all sorts of photography related subjects – from getting to know your camera, understanding exposure, composition, manual shooting, editing, working with natural light, working with studio lights, off-camera flashes and more. For professionals, and budding professionals, who want to turn their creativity into a profitable business he also runs workshops on how to get your photography business making money.

Check out his website for more information or his Facebook Page

He has some advice for photographers

1 – Equipment doesn’t matter – nobody cares if you use an iPhone or a d800, all that matters is emotion in your work.

2 – Get closer – it’s an old adage in photography and it’s utterly true – if you’re pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.

3 – Photograph – stop reading articles and go out and photograph.

4 – It’s the light, stupid – learn about light, the how’s, the why’s and understand how to work with it.

5 – Emotion – I’ve already mentioned it, but that’s how important it is. Your work has to convey some kind of emotion to the viewer or you lose them forever.

David’s most important photography tip is “Photograph what you love. I love meeting people and making connections so that’s why I photograph people. It’s impossible to do something well unless you totally believe in it.”

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