Vip Tour Of Moffat Mountain Rescue For 2017 Charity T-shirt Designer

Moffat Mountain Rescue team were delighted to have a special visitor to the mountain rescue base in Moffat this weekend. Aaron Somerville won the T-Shirt design competition for this year’s charity challenge and visited the base for a tour and to see the team’s vehicles and equipment. 

 Aaron and his sister were strapped in a stretcher and found out what it was like to be a casualty! They also used the teams radios to send messages just like the team would on the hillside. 

 Aaron’s T-Shirt is presently in production and will be given to every entrant of this years Charity Challenge on Sunday 11th June. 

 The Charity Challenge preparations are nearly complete and the team would like to encourage people to enter in advance if possible to guarantee a T-Shirt on the day.

There are four walks in the Moffat Hills and start from the mountain rescue base in Moffat. 



For all walks please register at Moffat MRT Base GR NT 090 050

Walk 1: Guided walk to Gallow Hill suitable for families with young children. Leaving Moffat Base at 11:00 and travelling to Gallow Hill by bus, a fun guided family walk with some mountain rescue based activities to take part in. This walk should take approximately two hours including a short break for lunch on the hill. Families should provide their own lunch. Distance 2.5Km Ascent 100m Registration from 09:00 until 11:00

Walk 2: Marked low level route with scenic views of Moffat and surrounding area. Leaving from Moffat base head east along the Selkirk road. After leaving the town turn left following the mark-ers up a lane and then through a field to the remains of Frenchland Tower. Then follow the route across fields and along the edge of a wood with views back towards the town. The route continues through farmland and on to the Moffat Well. Take a few minutes to read the interpretation boards and take in the sulphurous odour of the well before continuing back down the road towards Arch Bank from here take the track which leads to Gallow Hill. After a short ascent to the summit scenic views of Moffat and the surrounding area can be sa-voured. From here follow the markers back towards Moffat and through the town back to Moffat Base. Distance 8Km Ascent 260m Registration from 09:00 until 11:00.

Walk 3 Strenuous hill walk from Moffat Base to Hart Fell descending via Arthurs Seat. Leaving from Moffat Base heading east along the Selkirk road turn left into Ballplay Road at the end of which turn right into Well Road and follow it all the way to Blaebeck. Continue following the markers along the track and then onto the open hill heading towards the summit of Greygill Head. From here the route follows the boundary fence and wall taking in the summits of Blue Cairn and Swatte Fell. After passing Falcon Craig begin the final ascent to Hart Fell summit. From here head down over Arthurs Seat then continue following the ridge then along the track back to Annan Water Hall from where you will be collected and transported back to Moffat Base. Distance 16.5Km Ascent 785m Registration from 09:00 until 10:00

Walk 4 Strenuous hill walk from Moffat Base to Hart Fell returning via the Annandale Way Follow the same route as walk 3 all the way to the summit of Hart Fell. From here follow the fence in a north north-westerly direction towards Barry Grain Rig then continue along the fence until the Annandale Way cairn is reached. From the cairn follow the Annandale Way path in a southerly direction until the road is reached, then follow the road south past Ericstane and on to Annan Water Hall from where you will be collected and transported back to Moffat Base. Distance 19.5Km Ascent 890m Registration from 09:00 until 10:00a

All enquiries regarding entries to Ian Turner / Garry Tait
Email: [email protected]

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