Police Re-issue Pickpocket Theft Warning – Dumfries

Officers from Dumfries Community Policing are investigating a “pickpocket” type theft which occurred about 2.35pm on the 19th May 2017 at a shop in town during which a females purse was stolen.

The female suspect is aged in her 20s, dark hair and was wearing a white baseball cap, brightly coloured shawl & pink trainers.

Community Officers are reminding members of the public to keep purses & wallets secure & hidden.

Try not to carry large sums of money and be careful when withdrawing money from ATMs. Beaware of people standing around you and/or watching you at ATMs.

Dumfries Community Officers still have a supply of purse bells which clip onto purses & alert people that others may be trying to steal your purses.

If you need a purse bell please contact your community officer.

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