Plans Revealed For New Footbridge With Step Free Access at Dumfries Rail Station

Plans for a new footbridge with step-free access at Dumfries Rail Station were unveiled during a special event organized by Network Rail Scotland for local residents.

The initiative, supported by Access for All funding, aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for residents using the station.

The event, held on Thursday, June 15, between 4-7pm at the Cairndale Hotel and Leisure Club, provided an opportunity for the residents of Dumfries to see and discuss the finalized plans for the new accessible bridge. Attendees had the chance to ask questions and engage with the project team responsible for delivering the improvements.

The proposed footbridge will feature lifts, ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges, including local residents, can easily move between the platforms. The introduction of step-free access will significantly enhance the overall travel experience, making the station more inclusive and accessible for the community.

With the plans now revealed, the next step is to seek listed building consent to ensure the new bridge harmonizes with the station’s architectural and historical significance. Once approved, construction work will commence, marking an important milestone in improving accessibility at Dumfries Rail Station for the benefit of the local residents.

The introduction of a new footbridge with step-free access is part of a commitment of Network Rail Scotland and the Access for All funding to create a more inclusive and accommodating railway environment in Dumfries.