Emma Carstairs is the Spelling ‘Queen’ Bee

Last Thursday twenty keen pupils from  local primary schools gathered in Kirkcudbright Primary to compete to find the best speller, in  the latest challenge set by Kirkcudbright Rotary.

The evening was conducted by Rotarian Ian Rodger.   The competition began with two written rounds.  Those who had performed well were called to compete by spelling random words out loud.

It took several rounds, indeed Ian had to resort to a special group of difficult words to eventually find the winner.  This was a daunting challenge for primary pupils in front of an audience of parents, siblings and Rotarians.

The winner was Emma Carstairs of Kirkcudbright Primary, back to back with her success last year.   Club President Chris Ingram presented Emma with the trophy, all competitors received participation certificates to mark their efforts.

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