Stewartry Young Farmers ‘Pig Out’ At This Years Concert

stewartry young farmers concert 2019

The Stewartry Young Farmers have ben busy with their rehearsals ands are now are all set for their 2019 annual concert to be held in Kirkcudbright Church Hall this week. 

A spokesperson for the club said “It’s Sure to be a night full of laughter as you follow the story of one spoiled princess learning her lesson, with the help of some dancing pigs, a shifty looking beggar and some hoity toity friends. “The Princess and the Pigs” could be the next big thing but you saw it here first!”


The Concert will be held in Kirkcudbright Church Hall, 7th & 8th February, curtains up 19.30.


Tickets are available from Panache in Castle Douglas and Thompson’s Newsagent in Kirkcudbright. Adults £8, children under 12 £4. Dance to follow on the Friday in The Royal Hotel.”