Discover the Power of Medical Cannabis in Langholm: Community Talk Event

Langholm is set to host the Scottish Medical Cannabis Community Talk, organized by Hilltop Leaf.

This event will take place at the Buccleuch Centre on July 5, 2023, aiming to introduce the local community to medical cannabis and its benefits.

Attendees can expect insights from doctors, patients, and industry experts, along with opportunities for questions and networking. Admission is free, but registration is required through the provided Eventbrite link.

Exploring Medical Cannabis: Join us at the Scottish Medical Cannabis Community Talk in Langholm to gain a comprehensive understanding of medical cannabis. Discover its applications, benefits, and the legal journey patients undertake to access this treatment option. The event features talks from renowned experts, providing up-to-date information on medical cannabis research and best practices.

Insights from Professionals and Patients: Engage in enlightening discussions as doctors and patients share their experiences with medical cannabis. Gain valuable insights into the process of legally prescribing this alternative medication. This open dialogue aims to deepen your understanding of the challenges and real-life impact associated with medical cannabis treatment.

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