Dumfries High School Opens Its Doors to the Public for Holocaust Education Event

In a collaboration between Dumfries High School and Vision Schools Scotland (UWS), an exceptional event is set to take place on Thursday, 5th October 2023, at Dumfries High School and the school has extended the invitation to members of the community.

To secure a place at this event, interested individuals are encouraged to email the school office at [email protected].

Guest Speakers and Their Background

The event will feature guest speakers Hilary Hodsman and Gillian Field, who are the daughters of Holocaust survivors Henry and Ingrid Wuga. Their parents, Henry and Ingrid, arrived in Scotland on the Kindertransports in 1939, escaping the tumultuous period of World War II. Hilary and Gillian, who grew up in Glasgow, will share their parents’ extraordinary stories.

At the heart of their family home was their parents’ Jewish kosher catering company, an integral part of their upbringing. Growing up, they were always conscious of their German heritage. Unfortunately, due to Henry’s age, 99 years, he is no longer able to travel to schools to narrate his experiences. Regrettably, their mother passed away three years ago, making it imperative for Hilary and Gillian to continue sharing their parents’ stories with the younger generation.

The Presentation and Q&A Session

Hilary and Gillian will address the audience during the event. They will provide insights into their parents’ experiences on the Kindertransport, the evacuation of 14 and 15-year-olds from Germany just before or during the outbreak of World War II. The speakers will highlight their parents’ journey to the UK, settling in Glasgow, and starting their family.

Following their presentation, the floor will be open for questions from the audience, which includes pupils and members of the public attending the event.

Interactive Session and Refreshments

After the presentation by Hilary and Gillian, there will be an interactive session where pupils and members of the public can ask questions and engage in discussions. The event will conclude with teas and coffees, providing an opportunity for attendees to interact with the speakers on a more personal level.

Reserving Seats

To secure a place at this event, interested individuals are encouraged to email the school office at [email protected]. It’s important to specify the number of seats required and provide the names of attendees. Seats are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Event Schedule

The event is scheduled to commence at 1:55 pm, and guests are requested to be seated by 1:45 pm. It will begin with a short introduction from UWS representatives and the head teacher of Dumfries High School, followed by the main presentation by Hilary and Gillian.

The Significance of the Award

Dumfries High School’s achievement of the ‘Excellence in Holocaust Education’ award, in collaboration with Vision Schools Scotland (UWS), is a testament to their dedication to ensuring that students from S1 to S6 have a profound knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust. This award signifies the importance of recognizing the relevance of this historical event both in the past and for the future. The school’s three years of hard work have culminated in this recognition, and they are committed to continuing their efforts in Holocaust education.

In conclusion, the event hosted by Dumfries High School in collaboration with Vision Schools Scotland (UWS) serves as a significant educational opportunity for the local community to learn about the experiences of Holocaust survivors and to commemorate an important period in history. By sharing these personal stories, the event aims to ensure that the memory of the Holocaust remains alive and relevant for future generations.