How Is Galloway Weather Changing And What Can We Do To Adapt?

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The COP26 climate change conference has grabbed the headlines, with world leaders aiming to reduce our impact on the climate. But things are already changing, including right here in South West Scotland. What do we already know about the coming changes and how can we adapt?

Free, Online Event: 7.30pm on 24th November.

Even if all greenhouse gas emissions were to cease overnight, our climate has already started to change. The ‘Climate Ready Ken’ project is a partnership between the Loch Ken Trust and Adaptation Scotland, aiming to focus on the question of adaptation. How can we adapt to our changing climate to make our businesses, farms and communities more resilient?


On Wednesday 24th November there is a free, online event Funny weather we’re having: what does it mean and what are we going to do about it in Dumfries & Galloway? that brings together what we know about our changing climate right here in Galloway and consider adaptation options available to us to accommodate these changes.


The ‘Funny Weather we’re having…’ event consists of two presentations and will include time for questions and discussion about how we can adapt.


The first presentation is by Geoff Monk from the Laurieston Weather Centre. Geoff will set the scene for us here in Southwest Scotland, exploring what the data is telling us about our changing climate, and the impact this is likely to have. This will be followed by Iryna Zamuruieva from Adaptation Scotland. Iryna will be giving examples of approaches taken elsewhere in Scotland to adapt and considering how we can use this knowledge to support local efforts. The event will be hosted by Barnaby Fryer, Loch Ken Trust Officer.


Book your ticket here: Or search for ‘Climate Ready Ken’.


Ahead of the event, Iryna, from Adaptation Scotland, said:

Climate change adaptation isn’t just about making small infrastructural adjustments. It’s about looking at the big picture and learning how people and places are affected by the changing climate, what to anticipate in the future and what we can do to ensure people and ecosystems flourish in the future climate. Every place has its own approach, and I’m excited to see how South West Scotland shapes its adaptation journey.

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