Have You Seen The Cairndale Bow?

Dumfries is aglow with festive spirit, courtesy of “The Cairndale Bow” adorning the local hotel.

Inspired by the holiday charm of New York, this festive installation has become a festive focal point, enchanting both locals and visitors alike.

The story behind “The Cairndale Bow” harks back to Matthew Wallace Jr, one of the hotel directors, whose time in the hospitality industry in New York left an indelible mark. The grandeur of New York’s festive season, particularly the iconic red bows along Fifth Avenue, became the muse for this holiday spectacle in Dumfries.

Community Response:
Since its unveiling at the end of November, “The Cairndale Bow” has received a warm reception from the local community. Both children and adults have expressed delight, with cars often slowing down to allow passengers a closer look. The hotel aimed to bring an authentic festive feel to Dumfries, and the community’s positive response indicates the success of this endeavour.

Logistics and Team Effort:
Creating this festive landmark was no small feat. Stretching about 50 meters wide and towering at approximately 20 meters, the installation required a team effort. The result is not only visually striking but also well-illuminated, ensuring its impact even after sundown.

Duration and Festive Programs:
“The Cairndale Bow” isn’t just a fleeting spectacle. It’s set to grace Dumfries until the 6th of January, when the lights will be switched off, and the physical bow removed from the 8th of January onwards. The festive season at Cairndale Hotel is a bustling time, accommodating a range of guests from Christmas party nights to residential stays, Twixmas, and the fully-booked Hogmanay celebration.

Local Testimonials:
Guests and passersby have shared positive remarks about the bow. A friend’s relative even expressed a desire to drive by the Cairndale Hotel specifically to witness the festive adornment, highlighting the installation’s impact on both locals and those visiting the area.