Glenkens Land Use Event To Be Held In July

Two important reports on land use in the Glenkens have been published, funded by NatureScot and South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE).

These reports, which follow up
on the Vision for Land Use in the Glenkens adopted last summer as an addendum to
the Glenkens & District Community Action Plan, offer crucial insights and
recommendations for next steps in the ongoing debate about land use. The reports
were commissioned through GCAT and Dalry Community Council as a joint project in
pursuit of the Glenkens Land Use Vision.
The Reports:

1. Feasibility Study into a Land Use Forum for the Glenkens by Dr. Stephen
Connelly. This study, based on consultations with key community and other
stakeholders, concludes that establishing a Land Use Network, rather
than a Land Use Forum, would be more beneficial for the Glenkens. An
initial output proposed is the creation of a Land Use Map to consolidate
existing and new knowledge for use by communities and developers.

2. Participatory Monitoring of Land Use Change in the Glenkens by Dr. Kerry
Morrison .This report explores the creative responses of local people to changes in
their landscapes and provides innovative recommendations for
deepening community engagement in landscape change.

In parallel with these efforts, Becca Nelson, the Glenkens Community Asset Network
Facilitator on behalf of GCAT, has been assisting Dalry Community Council in
developing its Local Place Plan. Perhaps uniquely in the region so far, this Plan focuses
not only on the village development but also on land use in the wider parish.
Both reports are now available on the Glenkens Hub’s ‘Land Use’ page

https://glenkens.scot/land-use. To discuss the findings and next steps, a feedback
event will be held at the Smiddy, Balmaclellan, on the 8th of July at 7 PM. Stephen
Connelly, Kerry Morrison and Becca Nelson will present their findings and open the
floor to discussion of next steps.

Event Details:
• Date: 8th July
• Time: 7 PM
• Location: The Smiddy, Balmaclellan
• RSVP: Just turn up.

Helen Keron, Executive Manager at GCAT, said, “We were delighted to gain the
support of NatureScot and SOSE in moving some of the recommendations of the
Glenkens Land Use Vision forward. These reports by Steve and Kerry provide really
concrete evidence for the community to move forward with, and it’s also exciting to
see land use as a real theme in the Dalry Local Place Plan. Thanks to all for their work
and expertise on this.”

Morag Paterson of Dalry Community Council said, “It’s been fantastic to be able to
move the Land Use Vision forward in this way and we’re excited about the next steps.
A huge thank you to the report authors, our partners and funders and everyone who
took time to contribute to the projects.”