Owen Farm Services Update – What’s Happening In July

The Royal Highland Show Award

We are proud to announce that our software Agri-Ignite has been awarded a commendation by The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland in the Technical Innovation Category. Owen Farm Services are very pleased to be a part of the 5|Agri team that has developed this software!

The aim of the award is to encourage and recognise innovation in the design and manufacture of machines, equipment and appliances which advances the effective and efficient practice of agriculture, horticulture, equestrian, forestry, renewable energy and estate service. Our award was focused on our online IACS system which will aid farmers as we move into an online only application from 2022.

For more information on Agri-Ignite, visit our website www.5agri.co.uk

Agricultural Shows

The 2021 show season is upon us and it has been great to see so many getting involved virtually this year. However, I think we can all agree we are very excited to get back to the in person shows and events. The team are hoping to get to one or two agricultural shows later this year (COVID-19 allowing), so be sure to keep an eye on our social media for those updates. Fingers crossed we see you all there!

In the meantime, all here at Owen Farm Services are working hard to ensure our clients receive all the help and advice they need. Preparations have also begun for the much anticipated office reopening,  hopefully, it will not be long now.



Further Work On The Smart Sheep Project


The first on farm work has started to gather the raw data for this project. Here lamb weights were being collated and recorded against their EID tag. The aim is to develop a user friendly tool that works in a commercial farm. The tool implements the Happy Factor algorithm. This uses short-term weight gain to effectively identify lambs that would benefit from wormer following a Targeted Selective Treatment (TST) strategy. The team will be revisiting these farms to take a second weighing later this month. We will be excited to share results soon!


Here at Owen Farm Services, you may have noticed that we have a new uniform (including face coverings). A big thank you to Rostrum for doing an excellent job! The majority of our team are slightly camera shy; so here is Butter, Meg and Bentley showing off our new hats. As you can see, all 3 of our team mascots are very pleased with them and are excellent models!

Soil Sampling

The weather recently has been excellent for soil sampling, thus allowing us to bring on a second scanner. This has allowed our team to cover more land, ensuring sampling was complete before the weather took a turn.

If you are interested in this service, to improve the output of your land; please feel free to get in contact with us to discuss which option is most suited to your farm.


At Owen Farm Services, four members of the team are CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) trained to operate our drones. Through the use of drones we can take an arial maps of fields quickly and accurately. This can be used to make in-field recommendations, Slurry Manure Management Plans that every farm should have, and more. Drone flights can also be used to examine structural buildings and to ensure the most up to date mappings of sites. After conducting the flight, our team will take a walk around the yard to ensure all appropriate ground has been covered and we have everything we require to help our clients. Drone flights provide us with the perfect opportunity to get onto farm, meet clients and aid them with their business needs! 


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