A Dumfries based company has teamed up with Forestry Commission Scotland in an effort to boost wildlife in Heathhall Woodland.
20 Volunteers from Gates Power Transmission Ltd, whose factory is located opposite the forest, joined Forestry Commission Scotland staff last Saturday to help shape the structure of their local woodland.
The volunteer group had originally formed as part of the NHS Healthy Working Lives Scheme and had been using the woodland for lunchtime health walks before deciding to get more involved.
Lesley Smith, Communities Officer with Forestry Commission Scotland said:
“This project has been great, it has created new habitats in the woodland, encouraging new wildlife to come here and making the woodland a better place for everyone to visit.
“The volunteers are really enthusiastic and were keen to get involved in a community project close to their factory.
“We’re delighted that they got in touch and were willing to really get their hands dirty, they’ve made a real difference to the forest.
“This was their fourth visit, already they have helped us thin out young birch trees and plant the hedgerows we were weeding today, but more recently the volunteers have started to bring their families to see what they’ve been doing, so today we decided to clear an area under some spruce to enable us to bring other school children to the forest to learn about the outdoors.
“I am amazed at how hard they work every time they come and all of us here at Forestry Commission Scotland really appreciate their efforts.”
Heathhall Forest is situated on the outskirts of Dumfries and is well used by the local community and primary school.

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