Local Family Thank Staff And Help Patients With £850 Donation  

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A local lady and her family have made a donation of £850 as a thank you to staff at DGRI who cared for her husband since 2014 and sadly passed away this spring.

They met with some of the staff who had been involved with Mr Roddick’s care at a photo call for a bumper cheque handover outside the hospital.

The money was raised through ‘Just Giving’ online, set up after the family saw that personal donations were being made by extended family and friends to a ‘memory fund’ highlighted in his obituary.

Sandra Roddick speaking on behalf of her mum, Eileen and the rest of her family, said:

“My dad Neil was diagnosed with COPD in 2014 and attended ward B2 at DGRI regularly. He also attended a community rehabilitation / physiotherapy course for respiratory patients run by DGRI.  Once stabilised in B2 mobile respiratory equipment made it possible for him to be discharged and return home. This was very important for my dad, to be home, and be with family and friends.
“It was his wish to buy equipment to support patients with their breathing while at home.  That was his way of thanking all of the ward staff and support staff for the lifesaving work and friendship they gave to him, to help the staff in some way to enable others with respiratory conditions be at home.”

Fiona Richardson, Senior Charge Nurse ward B2, DGRI, said:

“The team from ward B2, and support staff in community rehabilitation and physiotherapy, are delighted to accept this generous and thoughtful donation from Mrs Roddick and her family.
“This money will go towards our staff helping other patients to be at home with their families and friends, just as Mr Roddick had hoped for, and something that is so important to our staff in the care of their patients.”

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